TM Medical Properties, LLC has a stable of repeat investors who are qualified high net worth individuals, trusts or family offices. Each property is purchased by a separate limited partnership.  No investor is obligated to make a new investment, but as a prior investor, each investor is given the opportunity to review all new investments and choose whether to invest or not at that time.


We are known for always closing a transaction once the due diligence has been completed to our standards. We are capable of closing fast and thus are a preferred buyer, even though in many cases sellers often have higher offers.


Banks have been very willing to provide loans for our properties given our history, the tenant profile and the location of each property. We usually borrow between 50% and 70% of the price paid on a non-recourse basis. No partner has any obligation for the loan or for additional capital calls beyond the amount they invest and prior distributions. We continue to seek additional properties. Distributions are made quarterly and are projected to be throughout the life of the investment with increases coming from rent increases. We provide timely tax information so that no partner is held up in their filing due to late returns.

The limited partners receive an 8% compounded preferred return as well as their invested capital prior to any participation in profits by the general partner. The general partner receives 20% of the profits, once the limited partner has received all of his or her invested capital and an 8% compounded return on invested capital.